Display Image in Cordova application / Move image to /Public folder

Hey. I want to display an image, it’s located at file:///data/data/com.idbqlxjwi9dgva5gzhf/cache/tmp_IMG-20160104-WA0009-779311269.jpg
Passing that as src into an <img> tag doesn’t work (even thought i set an acces rule for file:* in mobile config). I tried cdvfile:/// and it didn’t work either.
I use cordova-plugin-file and I can move the file anywhere I want, so I thought i’d move it to the root directory. But that would be /public or http://meteor.local/ and i don’t know where either of them are supposed to be on the mobile device.

I mean, I just want to display an Image and I can put it anywhere, so this should be possible, right?

I would be so thankful for any help.