Display images retrieved within a function


I am having trouble display the retrieved images from an FS Collection
Here is my js file: https://github.com/Amanej/lgp/blob/master/client/templates/test/test.js
While looping through a collection called models, its uses the id to find collection called Modelimages, and then uses the stored id of the file to locate the file in the FS Collection Modelpictures.
I am retrieving it, but cant figure out how to display it.
Know, I am doing something wrong. Just cant figure out what.

// A template to test functions

{{#each modelpictures}}
  <img class="mini-pictures"  src="{{this.url}}">

{{#each models}}
  {{modelimgs _id}}


<div class="imagesfrommodels">



And here is the test.js file:

` Template.test.helpers({
‘modelpictures’: function() {
return Modelpictures.find();
‘models’: function() {
return Models.find();
‘modelimgs’: function(id) {
var pic = Modelimages.find({modelid: id});
var count = 0;
pic.forEach(function (image) {
var id = image.picid;
var images = Modelpictures.find({_id: id}).fetch();
return images.url;
count += 1;


I know the syntax is wrong somehow, just cant figure it out.