Display url links, images and videos asan image, like an iframe

Yo team,

Using Facebook as an example. On Facebook when you post a link to a website, image or video, a little image appears indicating what the URL looks like.

What I am trying to do is post an URL into a collection, then the client views these links as images. So I have subscribe my collection of URL links displayed as images.

Right now I am using iframes. It almost there but happy result. The iframe shows the url with scrollable bars, which I dont want and the iframes are interactive.

I want the iframe to just be an image whose size and shape I can control. Maybe I can use CSS to fix the height and width. The main thing is that I want the iframe to be a static image that when I click on it goes to another page.

This is probably more of a html problem than a meteor problem.

Sorry that I dont know how to post the sample code.

Wuv you.

iframe attribute scrolling=“no” does work for one of the links, but works for most.

maybe http://embed.ly/ is what you want?

Thats sort of what I want, but without it being obvious that I am using a widget. I will look into their custom versions. thanks.