Displaying an MP4 video in a meteor application

Hello everybody

In a meteor project, I need to display an MP4 video stored on amazon AWS.
The easiest way is to pass the URL of the MP4 file to the video player. But for this to work it is necessary that this MP4 file has the permission of public reading.
Can someone tell me how I can do this video reading with the AWS SDK, which would allow me to identify myself and therefore not to put the MP4 file in public.

I post my question here because there is never any answer on the AWS forum
Thank you very much for answering me.


You’ll either need to use the AWS module to create a signed url to the video and send that to the client, but the users can still grab that url and download the file.

The other option is to use AWS to create a readStream of the video and stream it to the client via your server(s) into a player

Sorry I don’t have specifics on how to do the above