Displaying friend requests from the socialize:friendships package


Hey so I’ve been trying out the socialize:friendship package for adding friends and I’m having a lot of problems. I am managing to send a friend request quite nicely with this method:

        var user = Accounts.findUserByEmail(email);
        if (user !== null){
        } else {


but when I’m trying to show the requests in this code, nothing happens:

allRequests() {
        var currentUser = Meteor.user();
        var requests = currentUser.requests();
        return requests;

        var data =
            //return <EventSingle key={event._id} event={event}/>
            return (<div className="request">
                <p>{request.requesterId} would like to be friends</p>
                    <a href="#" >Accept</a>
                    <a href="#" >Deny</a>
                    <a href="#" >Ignore</a>

I’ve tried alot of different things but can’t figure out how to do this so please help.