Displaying images in cordova (permission is set)

I use CollectionFS to let the user upload images. In cordova my images are not shown unless there is a token provided.

This one is shown:
<img class="img-thumbnail" src="/uploads/files/avatars/7WxgffXZb3M9KXZaR/DSC00362.JPG?token=eyJhdXRoVG9rZW4iOiJkNC1vYWJLUWlsM1plTWtJQnlJYncxTWVuUHMySmk2TW9sMzFUNlRXZnJOIn0%3D&amp;store=thumb">

The same image without the token is not shown:
<img class="profile-preview img-circle" src="/uploads/files/avatars/7WxgffXZb3M9KXZaR/DSC00362.JPG?store=thumb">

I don’t see any error messages in the logs.

In a normal browser even on my smartphone the images are both shown correctly.

The access rules are set to: