DIY Gasby Cloud?

Hi folks!

Have had an idea gnawing at me, and figured I’d go ahead and throw it out here. Haven’t been able to find something exactly along the lines of what I have in mind, so maybe it’s a bad idea. but here goes:

I love Meteor for custom apps, but for years have used Wordpress for more static / blog sites. However, I’ve had about all of the plugin / CSS / code bloat and conflict issues I can handle, so I’m looking for a way to build lightweight, custom websites (not apps) with a React frontend – that are then served from a CDN.

Gasby Cloud and others offer similar ($$$) services, but being a good dev, I was trying to figure out a more DIY approach.

The ideal workflow is:

  1. Build a Meteor / React app locally
  2. Test locally w/ beta environment on Galaxy / DO
  3. When ready to go to production, deploy to CDN
  4. CDN then grabs / generates completely prebuilt static pages for the site
  5. Live domain and client requests are all served via the CDN. Doesn’t touch Meteor / React / anything other than prebuilt, minimized HTML, JS, CSS.

It seems like Netlify would be the ideal lynchpin for this workflow, but it’s almost too “all-in-one”. I’d like to have more visibility into the process, and more separation between the test and live environments.

Is this already being done and my Google skills just missed it?


If I understand you correctly, you want to use Meteor to help manage the dynamic content, but publish a static snapshot for public consumption. The public snapshot uses React for presentation.

I did something similar for my research group website:

The workflow is:

  1. Edit some local json files by hand.
  2. Build the static snapshot locally.
  3. Publish the static files to a CDN (in this case, GitHub Pages).

In your case, it appears you want a more sophisticated approach to step (1).

Good luck, hope this helps!