Do I have to manually import all HTML?

Meteor has always imported all the html files present in the folder automatically. I now see a strange behaviour where I have to manually import each file for the templates to be seen.

Is this a new feature?

Apart from the handling of the imports folder, the eager loading still applies.

What’s your folder structure and packages?

Even on a new project.

If I create a new project (meteor create test), and add an html file in the client folder, it is not “seen”.

I can even duplicate a template (“home” for instance), in a different html file without error message (which is not normal).

But if I add "import ‘./test.html’; " to main.js, then it works as expected. I never had to do that before.

Read the fifth bullet point on ( Applications may now specify client and server entry point modules in a newly-supported "meteor" section of package.json )

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If I write the following in package.json, then no template is loaded at all.

"client": false,

I don’t get this feature

From this blog post:

Thismeteor.mainModuleconfiguration allows you to override Meteor’s default rules for eagerly loading modules. Whereas previously you would have to put modules in animports/directory in order to prevent them from being eagerly evaluated, when you usemeteor.mainModuleto specify entry points, all other modules besides the entry points will be loaded lazily. In other words, you no longer need animports/directory, and Meteor’s module loading behavior will work more like non-Meteor Node projects.

So I have deleted this part of package.json to restore the old behaviour:

  "meteor": {
    "mainModule": {
      "client": false,
      "server": false
    "testModule": "tests/main.js"

You will need to actually delete the "meteor" key and everything in it, rather than setting to false

I think I get why html files need to be imported (with Blaze):
The new lazy loading system still eagerly loads non-js assets, but Blaze compiles your .html files into .html.js files, flagging them as lazy-loaded, and requiring you to import them.

css/less/sass/styl files are still eagerly loaded, and I believe that if you use the static-html package instead of Blaze, it will also be eagerly loaded (note: I have not tested this assumption)

Yes, deleting the Meteor key fixes it.