Do not show push notification based on payload (raix:push)


Hi All

Is there someway that on receiving a push message, I can instruct the code not to pop up the notification, for instance based on the payload data. Is this possible?



A thousand apologies… Any body know of a solution pls…


As far as I know, you can only access the payload once the push notification is received/clicked. Maybe a workaround would be to have your decision logic on the server and not send a push notification at all based on some variable?


@miriam7 The scenario is that the server sends a push notification and the client shows the pop-up only if the payload is relevant to itself. Is that possible. Thanks.


You can control what happens after the push notification was clicked and what is shown inside your app. However, if you want to have the user not see and click the push notification at all, I dont think that is possible and the solution would be not to send the push notification in the first place.


Yes I want the user not to see the push notification at all. This is because my server just broadcasts to all users. How do I control the push notification to be sent to only a select few? The query param seems to require user ids - i have 10k user ids. Will it work? Thanks


I think that would be the way to go when using the raix:push package.