Do some reverse geocoding

I’m trying to do some reverse geocoding using the aldeed:geocoder package, but I got an error saying that GeoCoder is not a constructor.

I didn’t find a good and simple package either on NPM or Atmosphere to do this.

Does anyone have a simple solution ?

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Look at You only need to make'GET', url, (error, result) => {...}
And you don’t need any additional packages.

Are you calling this on the client? I believe GeoCoder is only available on the server and this could possibly be your issue.

@none I will take a look to your solution but I would prefer use the Google Maps Geocoding API

@copleykj I put my code in a Meteor.isServer condition. But now I’ve got a HTTP Error : ETIMEDOUT

Or… you may try to use node-geocoder

I’ve got the same error HTTP Error : ETIMEDOUT