Do we have a Meteor + React accounts package December 2018?

Do we have a worthwhile Meteor + React accounts package?

Stale for 2 years:

Stale for 10 months:

And the project seems dead according to the issue here:

And a React/Blaze wrapper is messy IMHO

So different people are rolling their own - here is one example

Which I found from this write-up

The issue here is the look, which makes it hard to make a universal one, so you will find them usually integrated into something bigger like Vulcan. Even the once I made few years back were baked into the CMS that I build around it and although usable on their own it wasn’t pretty.
The main issue that you will run into is what kind of styling are you using, then if you are using something special for the forms validation, etc. Just in the article you mentioned there are already few decisions that I don’t want to deal with like webpack and Redux. With things like that you will have multiple solutions.

A React based version of account-ui would be neat for prototyping and small scale stuff.

If I get some time I’ll try to make something that pretty much copies accounts-ui for react. We can add that to the Meteor react packages.

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I would recommend trying out and it’s React UI -

The idea behind that project was the build the modern version of Meteor’s accounts packages, but to support any Javascript implementation.
I’ve used it as a built in library to replace Meteor’s accounts system (and used accounts-js DDP implementation for that) while later gradually move to GraphQL later.