Do you guys use Test first development with React/Redux immutable in your Apps?


i’d like to know…just to have an overview or a global idea of how to enhance my workflow with all those technologies coupled with meteor, if i have to write my apps using this approach to development…If yes then what are your experiences with that way of programming so i can relate…Because it seems to me that it is very cumbersome and as ive never used test tools before and i am confused.How often do you guys use this approach? or maybe you just go ahead and write your app like i do and manually test it to see how it performs?


Since i finally got serious with testing when i started using wallaby, i now try to write most of my code with a TDD approach, and so far it gives me good results. My code seems more reliable, and i now have tests.
Writing tests AFTER code that seems to work require too much discipline for me.


Indeed it seems TDD gives better results than the normal coding style im used to.Wallaby seems really nice for providing kinda real time tests results…what kind of tests do you mostly write? unit tests?


Yes, for the moment i write only unit test.
I write react component tests with Enzyme from netflix. I find the library not so easy to use, and i must confess my components are still written in a code first approach.
For the rest of my code, i try to write only pure functions. This style is very easy to test with unit test and easy to do with a test first approach.
The pure functions are then integrated with the database access at the container level, i don’t test containers at the moment, i guess those would be more about integration testing.


i understand…i guess i just have to dive in and see for myself. i think it must become a habit like a second nature.i guess you write your apps using the redux pattern…so i guess you write from the bottom-up perspective(i mean test core functionnalities first and move to an uper layer).is that the right approach to use in TDD? i have to wrap my head around all of that pfeww for a one man team like me…in the end it ll be worth the trouble.