Do you need to increase your delivery capacity? For companies!

Hi everyone!

Are you looking for some Meteor guidance, consultancy and/or development?

My name is Filipe Névola. I am the former CEO of Meteor and the founder of Quave, a company specialized in developing mobile and web apps using Meteor.js. Quave was founded in 2013 but now I’m 100% on Quave for the first time.

We are an official Meteor partner, having delivered more than 30+ projects using Meteor.js. MontiAPM and even Meteor itself are our customers today. We also have a deep understanding in Node.js, MongoDB, Galaxy, React, Blaze, Cordova, etc.

Here you can find a few services related to Meteor that we offer at Quave:

  • Web & App Development: we bring front-end, back-end, and architecture together to meet your business needs. We also have great designers and DevOps, so we can help in the whole process of building your software. We can be an addition to your team or to take demands on our own.
  • Meteor upgrade: Upgrading your app to the latest Meteor version can be a daunting task. We can do it safely and efficiently and without any disruptions. We already did this many times for many companies.
  • Consultancy: based on our expertise, we can guide you and your team through the best practices and find solutions to your problems.
  • Performance optimization: we can help you turn your solution into a high-performance application. We know all the tricks in the book. No more loading screens and long waiting times. Check our case-study with Sostena

For more information and other services, you can check our website ( Also, don’t hesitate to write an email to or, we will be more than happy to assist you.