Docker deployment on any cloud


As work on bulletproof docker course has been postponed. Does anyone wants to hear about cross cloud deployment of meteor using Docker ?
We are rolling our new system using this approach and if enough people interested I can put a blog post with instructions on how do we do that.


Those things are always interesting. Definitely a +1 from me. Why not also add a short screencast with commentary showing what you do? :blush:


Hell, yes!

I’m very, very interested in meteor deployment solutions based on docker.


A BIG yes! It will also be useful for guys who wants to deploy meteor on Google Cloud Infrastructure, as it has started supporting docker images.


Hey we have not postponed docker stuff. It’s there. We have a complete lesson :smiley:


We only postponed NodeJs performance lesson. A lot of stuff are changing. So it’s worth to wait a little while.


And check this:

It’s our docker image for production meteor deployments.


Oh i’m blind :smile: I was looking at other one -
Thanks for pointing it out!


That’s a different one :smile: