Docker: team up to create a reference docker image for meteor


I use windows… So in the end I created everything myself in 2 steps: using powershell to build an image, and docker. see this chart
the image build process:

running an image

This is the powershell to build a docker image which copied my development windows meteor project into an image and uploads it to docker hub. I created a demo site which shows the power of the Qlik Sense APIs using Meteor and docker. You can see the demo on []

$BASE_APP_NAME = "qrsmeteor"
$BUILD_DIR = "..\qrsbuild"
$BUNDLE_DIR = "..\qrsbuild\bundle"
$VERSION = "1.0.0"
$DOCKER_TAG = "qhose/" + $BASE_APP_NAME + ":" + $VERSION

echo "STEP delete old build files"
Remove-Item $BUNDLE_DIR* -recurse -Force

echo "STEP build new meteor bundle"
meteor build --architecture=os.linux.x86_64 --allow-superuser --directory $BUILD_DIR

echo "STEP copy dockerfile to bundle folder, so docker can build the image"
Copy-Item Dockerfile $BUNDLE_DIR

echo  "STEP go to bundle dir" 

echo "STEP build the Dockerfile (which has been copied already in the bundle dir)"
echo "STEP Building Dockerfile via command: docker build -t $DOCKER_TAG"
docker build "-t" "$DOCKER_TAG" "."

echo "docker push qhose/qrsmeteor:1.0.0"
docker push "$DOCKER_TAG" 

#at the end, go back to the folder where we started
cd "C:\Users\mbj\Documents\GitHub\QRSMeteor"

This is all I have for now, will add more docs later on


So is there a recommended base image now? A few of them look good like Tupperware… but the author is no longer using Meteor. It would be awesome if we could agree on one… :wink: pretty please

BTW, I am planning to dpleoy on IBM Bluemix / Kubernetes … I cam across another image see


See this post, could be helpful to build a meteor from source.


Doesn’t feel right to let this topic bleed out. Having a fast-starting development container (that doesn’t redownload meteor every time, and only downloads / compiles node_modules when package.json changed) and a stable-running production container would be so useful.

As a bonus, it would also fix the ever growing global .meteor directory, and the global yarn cache.

Is there a general consensus after more than 1 year of activity in this topic?


BTW, where I ended up was FROM abernix/meteord:node-8.9.0-onbuild


Is anyone aware of a docker container that can run meteor in development mode? Effectively run meteor --settings /config.json instead of building the project and run npm ./bundle/main.js? I need a container that runs meteor like we would do while developing, including the debugger support.