Docker, The Container War and Meteor


I just wrote an article on Docker and the movement around it in general. I thought it’s good to share it here .

Here’s the article: Docker, The Container War and Meteor

In the article, I’m talking about:

  • What is Docker?
  • Current development (war) around Docker
  • What’ll be in future
  • How to use Meteor with Docker
  • My view on Galaxy

What do you think about what’ll happen in the Docker community next?
How it’s affect us?
What do you think about Galaxy (in the context of Docker)?


Thanks for sharing! What are you thoughts on using docker for local dev environment ?

Hmm. may be we could create a production like env. locally. But we haven’t try that yet.

edit: May be you can use Docker Compose(earlier fig) for that

We are using docker-compose(aka Fig) for that already. It’s just velocity makes it practically impossible now :frowning:

Hmm. What’s the velocity issue.
May be @sam could help you out.

He is already :slight_smile:

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I’m trying my best to do that anyway

Would you have any code from your compose.yml and/or your Dockerfile to share? We are moving to Docker at my firm to run production, CI, and local development for our older php systems. We are moving to Meteor as our main application framework now and I would love to start it off in a container environment as well.


here you go

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Thanks so much for the gist!