Documentation update suggestions on meteor features


I have, I do and I continue to learnt a lot about meteor through experimentation and other resources other than through meteor’s official doc. I thought it would be nice to have thread for people to suggest updates to the official documentation relating to specific undocumented features of meteor. This will help centralize api documentation/example of how to use the api’s.

Ex. Meteor 1.0.4 comes with lots of improvement/features including access to rawCollection and rawDatabase but you wont find any reference to rawCollection and rawDatabase, how to use it and when to use it in the official documentation. I think the official doc is very helpful and hopefully, we can help the MDG team update the docs where needed.

Good drop-in comment system for

There’s already a quite lengthy thread here: Good drop-in comment system for


@robfallows Thanks for the reference. I will shift my feedback to that thread.