Does an include feature exist (or import are alternative)?

I created a file which I intended to use as an include. Simply, it was a love file in text. I wanted to include it in numerous places in a template or sub-template, but that doesn’t work, does it? Is not, is there an include feature? If not, is there a global helper method I could lean on? If I’ve missed something, how do I not DRY on something this simple?

Please show the code and the mentioned love file. Then we can suggest the best solution for your use case.

I’m using this template:

<template name="logo">
  <div id="widgetLogo">
    <span class="logo text-red">MADE</span><span class="logo text-grey">.</span><span class="logo text-white">LIVE</span>

I’m including it twice in a template. Header footer sort of thing. {{>logo}}

Thought it’s work.

I am not sure since I do not know the details. But you simply can import './someFilePathHere.js'

It’s more an html file that I’d like to duplicate.

That should definitely work.