Does anyone do Meteor / NodeJS development using MS Edge?


Okay I know, IE and all that … but let’s look ahead.

I’m using an MS device, MS OS and a Google Browser, which uses almost constantly about 80% of my memory and 75% of my CPU, keeps blocking inputs, makes the mouse sticky, all that.

On option would be to use Firefox, which is a pleasure compared to Chrome, but does play hardball with two sites I regularly use that would need Chrome or well yes, MS Edge.

I’ve been contemplating using it entirely for my Meteor development, but find it clumsy with poor debugging tools (eg. manually finding the correct line in a stack trace) etc.

I’m curious if anyone here is using or has in the past used Edge and what plugins, etc they would recommend.


Does anyone do Meteor / NodeJS development using MS Edge?

Not unless you would torture me first… Edge is a kludge… all the strange UI maddness and all… I test my app in it, but that is the maximum amount of time I will give it. I use Vivaldi instead. Based on the Chromium-engine, it does work very well for me…


I test against it because guess what, like a zillion people use it.

But my development is always in Chrome - mostly ‘cause I like and am familiar with the dev tools.


Just to +1 on the mouse hanging etc, I have a new desktop running windows 10 for doing misc work, it’s a 16 core threadripper, with 100+ gig of ram and multiple 1080ti nvidia cards, pci-e ssd and the mouse still hangs doing basic tasks, loading things etc. It’s fast for sure but not sure why Windows 10 is so bad to use. It’s usually running Ubuntu anyway, and not my main dev box (I’m on Mac) but did notice that.


A bit of a history for me here was that I was working with a failing MS Surface Pro 4 when this was written. The CPU died shortly after and Geekbench tests showed only 25% of the expected performance and far lower clock speeds that I would expect at the time This was an issue.

The device has since become a brick and been replaced by a decent spec computer where I don’t have these issues. Also, they are not Windows 10 issues but isolated to when I’m used Chrome on the failing device.

They did in the final day still occur with Edge but far less than they affected me when running Chrome.


I’ll give Vivaldi a try, so far it’s been on the niche browser lists for me.