Does anyone ever keep up with the great @arunoda? What "community" is he into now?


I was just curious if anyone on the forums ever keeps up with the masterful @arunoda since he left the Meteor community some time ago?

Remember, this is the legend who brought so many amazing features and capabilities early on for meteor:

  • MUP - how you easily deployed a production app before Galaxy
  • Kadira - What Galaxy’s Meteor APM is forked from (except MDG’s version has less features - like notifications :confused:)
  • Cluster - Horizontal Meteor scaling and multi-CPU support before Galaxy
  • Oplog Tailing - Yeah, this guy thought of that. Then MDG made it official.
  • And so many, many other great packages, hacks, and features

I’m still a Meteor fanboy and probably always will be. My production app and livelihood is all built around Meteor. I’m not really interested in learning other frameworks unless I have to. And MDG has done a great job of integrating new technologies and feature-sets (e.g. React, code-splitting, etc.)

But I still make use of @arunoda’s amazing work and I was thinking it might not hurt to keep any eye on what he’s up to and the frameworks and tools he’s currently working on and helping build. I feel like if he’s involved with it, it’s worth checking out. He has a GithHub and Twitter, but I was curious if anyone can summarize from knowledge what community(s) and framework(s) he’s involved with now and what his roles are with those.


Let us hire him to revive Blaze and make Blaze 2.0 on paid basis! I am sure he is the one who is able to transform it into something extraordinary.


Hi @evolross - @arunoda is now involved in Next.js. You can check his interview at and his post