Does anyone use

Can you please share your thoughts about Expo if you have used it?
I particularly want to learn about;

  • Any drawbacks or hurdles while developing a mobile app with easily scalable back-end?
  • Privacy issues (As far I understand you code on their platform) ?
  • Compatibility issues?
  • How would it fit with Meteor?

Thank you

yes i used it

  • drawbacks: you can’t use native react-native extensions that are not in expo (that one that requires react-native link), but you can eject from expo in that case and get a normal react-native app.
  • yes, you publish the bundle to their platform. But you will also push the code eventually to google play and apple app store.
  • as mentioned above
  • with meteor its probably best to expose a graphql api for the expo app and use apollo-client there. You will have two projects: the expo app and the meteor backend