Does anything have to be enabled for accounts-password to send verification/welcome emails?

Howdy all, sorry for the noobish problem, but my very simple accounts-password/accounts-ui does not appear to be even trying to send emails. The email package is installed, my MAIL_URL env variable is correctly set, and I am able to manually send emails just fine.

But when I create a user/pass via accounts-ui, I get no email. I can’t find any documentation on exactly what’s supposed to happen, though, so I’m not sure if something else has to be done?

Thanks all.—t3db0t

Hey there is Accounts.sendVerificationEmail(userId); and Accounts.onEmailVerificationLink(cb)

But I can’t find it in the accounts-ui package :confused:

Check out usage examples in my package:

OK, I figured it out: you can do

Accounts.config({ sendVerificationEmail: true });

And it will send the verification email for you. This doesn’t appear to be in the Meteor docs, though? Is it just me?

But it could be explained better

I have the same question as op, but I don’t understand the solution …

Where should I put this

Accounts.config({ sendVerificationEmail: true });


I have email verification links working now. Not sure I did it properly, but here it is …

Add the following to /server/main.js

At the top

import { Accounts } from ‘meteor/accounts-base’;

Inside Meteor.startup

Accounts.config({sendVerificationEmail: true,});


So right now, I have accounts-password and accounts-ui. When someone creates an account, they are immediately logged in and they get an email verification link.

How do I prevent them from logging in until they verify their email?