Does collection Fs create collections for you?

I am trying to upload an image with collection fs package.This is my event code

'change .ip': function(event, template) {
       FS.Utility.eachFile(event, function(file) {
        Images.insert(file, function (err, fileObj) {
          if (err){
             // handle error
          } else {
             // handle success depending what you need to d

this is the html code in the template <input type="file" class="ip form-control" name="sn_edit" value="">

I have this code in my collections code called school.js

Images = new Mongo.Collection('images');

SchoolImages = new FS.Collection("SchoolImages", {
   stores: [new FS.Store.GridFS('SchoolImages')]

Should i create the collection images myself or will meteor create it for me?.

you don’t need the images collection,

replace Images.insert with SchoolImages.insert in your event

SchoolImages is itself the collection (well a wrapper)

to retrieve SchoolImages.findOne().url()

Who creates the SchoolImages collection,collection fs system or me?.

Yup fs.collection creates the collection

Strange,it doesn’t create the collection in my meteor mini mongo.

It should create it the first time you try to insert something to it.

Thats not happening but i ill try and change tack and see if i get it right.