Does flow-router-ssr plays well with webpack?


The way I understand things is that flow-router-ssr will compute a bunch of things on the server, and send that to the client. ie it moves part of the client job to the server.

On the other side, webpack (from webpack:webpack) lets the client load code in a modular way.

What would happen if you mix both? Will the first chunk of code get loaded by the server for SSR, and the rest will be loaded on the client when needed with webpack, or will things get nasty?

Has anyone been working with both at the same time?



want to know too!
@arunoda Can you help us?


I’ve opened an issue related to requiring files on the server at runtime (for lazy loading)

Else it seems to work ok, but there might be some extra work to do with getting the style right on the server (or maybe I’m just missing something):
(you can follow my experiments by looking at the different commits. commit # bda3f3b6ac191f8c5ae56409a7b30fefdae08b40 corresponds to getting SSR working)


And it’s been a but hard to get a grasp on @benoitt recently :slight_smile: