Does Iron-router force unnecessary templatization?

I have been learning more about meteor in the past few weeks and I came across the need to create routes in my application.
Your first meteor application book states the following about templates: “Templates are used to create a connection between our interface and our JavaScript code. When we place interface elements inside a template, we’re able to reference and manipulate those elements with application logic.”. With that in mind, I was only using templates for very specific sections of my page, more specifically when JS interaction was needed. But, as soon as I tried to use iron-router I was somewhat forced to templatize pretty much all pages of my application. Is it a common practice? Is it considered good meteor design? Is there a way to achieve my goal of keeping the html code as pure as possible and still have routes?


You will find that templating is the dominant practice, not just in meteor. It enables the infinite nesting and separion of code and logic, but with understanding and restraint, you will discover that it is faster to make and change things across your site in a single place.