Does MDG's Stylus package support globbing?

In the “Limitations” part of the readme it says:

Since this package uses custom code for @imports, some of the import syntax is not supported at the moment:

globbing: @import './folder/*'
importing index.styl: @import ./folder/ - should automatically load ./folder/index.styl

But globbing works perfectly fine.

Why do they say that doesn’t work?

The documentation is out of synch with the code (as globbing does work). You can open an issue about this or better yet submit a PR with doc updates.

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I never implemented globbing when I worked on this package. Also looking at the commit history nobody worked on it after that. So I don’t really understand how globbing would work, but if it works for you, then sure.

I looked over the code and thought the same thing, so I verified it before responding earlier. I put together a quick repro showing it working.

But history on Atmosphere shows more commits:

2.511.4 Apr 4, 2016
2.511.3 Mar 28, 2016
20k Mar 9, 2016
2.511.1 Oct 27, 2015
2.511.0_2 Sep 29, 2015
2.511.0_1 Sep 22, 2015

Aren’t those just bumps for releasing core packages with Meteor 1.2, 1.3, etc?