Does Meteor 1.8.1 support MongoDB 4.2?


I got a choice about which version of MongoDB I needed at Atlas.
Does Meteor 1.8 support MongoDB 4.2
Did somebody try to run on it? :slight_smile:

we are using 4.0 in production and does not see any issue with upgrading to 4.2

But the best way to do this is install 4.2 in your development environment and connect to your development build


MongoDB 4.2 works fine for me even on older versions of Meteor.


Thanks! It was good to know! :slight_smile:
Did you notice any differences from 4.0?

No, I doubt there would be anything different unless you are using new features or raw collection. It is minor update update so there are no compatibility issues, only new features.

Actually I use raw collection to implement transactions. Do you know what was changed there?

If I remember correctly there was new functionality for transactions. All the details are here: