Does Meteor Crash Alot?


I read that Meteor web apps and mobile apps tend to crash alot and are buggy. From your experience developing in Meteor, is this true? Was it true before but has improved? I am looking into developing a Meteor app for web, iOS and Android and I want to know what I am getting into before investing too much time.


No, It doesn’t. My app runs for months and not a single crash.


I’ve found no bugs in Meteor itself. The only bugs I encounter are the ones I wrote myself!
Really, this is true of any mature framework


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: is your app a web app mainly or also mobile app?


Mobile app here. No crashes so far


I been running a Meteor multi-tenancy web-app with cordova Android and iOS apps (all from the same code base) for a couple of years now and it’s proven extremely stable. Sometimes I can go for months without pushing updates and the sever just keeps on running with stable memory & CPU usage (100% uptime over last 30 days). The nature of my app means that some companies leave it running 24/7 in a kiosk browser with no problems.

My advice:

  • Keep Meteor up-to-date as new versions are released. Changes in dependencies can sometimes cause some difficulty upgrading, particularly if you are using a package which isn’t maintained any more and references an older version of another package. It’s easier to fix these dependencies incrementally than trying to upgrade several meteor releases at once.
  • Choose atmosphere, npm and cordova packages carefully. Find ones which are well maintained and with few outstanding bugs and with as few other dependencies as possible (this and this can help with that). Keep these packages updated when you update meteor. Personally I only use 3rd party packages if I really need to and can’t very easily write the code myself.

I’m convinced that Meteor will save you time by making so many advanced features so easy out-of-the-box.

btw, where did you read that Meteor was unstable?


I’ve also never heard of this being a concern with Meteor. My Meteor web app has been up for two years and often goes months between deployments and I’ve never had a problem with it.


It may be that there are apps out there that crash a lot because of the bad code their devs wrote. This is always some issue that tools and frameworks with low entry threshold have to deal with: they also attract people who can’t really write safe and reliable code.

But trust me, Meteor as a framework itself offers everything you need to write Battleproof apps! It relies all on you to take your time and read the documentation until you reach the point of writing failsafe apps.

But this is true for other frameworks, too.