Does Meteor has offical ways to handle with translation like i18n in Ruby on Rails?


I have found that the Meteor docs haven’t talk about the translation

Next steps on Blaze and the view layer
Next steps on Blaze and the view layer

The best way is currently the package tap:i18n.


And what package should I use for my Meteor_React app?
tap:i18n seems to be a typical Blaze package with lots of dependancies. (I just removed templating and Jquery from my project…)


Hmm, I see what you mean:

I think it should be a simple matter of working with the maintainers to split out the Blaze-specific part and remove the dependency.

There’s a relevant issue here:


Thank you, sashko, I would try it


I’m a little surprised that such a great system doesn’t have a clear multilanguage solution. Anyway, I decided to use universe:i18n because it really support meteor’s React


I also recently swapped out tap:i18n for universe:i18n in a React app with good results. I’ve found it to be quicker and more reliable (though to be fair, and as noted already, tap:i18n wasn’t originally intended for use with React). I wonder if the guides should address this if other people begin to have similar experiences.


Could you submit a PR adding a section about universe:i18n in React, under “tap:i18n in Blaze”?


Just add a comment for people who may need use i18n in Angular2-Meteor project.
In Angular2-Meteor, try to use ng2-translate