Does Meteor support autoprefix with SCSS?

Hi, I would like to ask, if Meteor supports CSS autoprefix with SCSS. Im using fourseven:scss@4.12.0 and standard-minifier-css@1.6.1.

I found following info in Meteor docs:, I made all the steps by an example, but PostCSS and autoprefix does not work in my case (METEOR@1.11.1).

Is it required to update to Meteor 2.0 to support autoprefix?

…or better idea is leave from SCSS and rewrite all the code to Stylus?

…How you are doying autoprefixing in Meteor and with preprocessor are you using?

Thanks a lot for each answer :slight_smile:

The current recommended way to use autoprefixer with fourseven:scss is to add seba:minifiers-autoprefixer

If you want to use postcss you’ll probably want to use juliancwirko:postcss since Meteor doesn’t expose a way to configure its usage of postcss. If using juliancwirko:postcss in its current version with the latest versions of the postcss and postcss-load-config it will show warnings in the console about the versions installed. This however doesn’t affect it and should operate as expected. The package has just been moved under community maintenance and will be getting an update very soon and then these warnings will no longer be displayed.