Does Meteor support the creation of a time series collection?

Does meteor support the creation of a time series collection?

I can create it using db.creatreCollection() command through MongoInternals but I also need to define our schema so I also need to use the default

const TimeSeriesCollection = new Mongo.Collection('time-series-collection');
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Did you ever figure out the answer here? What solution did you end up going with?

Creation needs a one-time-execution script for the collection before defining the collection. After the creation, we treat it just like any other collection

Interesting. Why do you need the one-time execution script before defining the collection?

Defining a collection will create a normal collection if not existing

By coincidence, Iā€™m studying time series analysis. Have you selected a charting package of any kind?

visx by Airbnb visx | visualization components

Those charts look great!