Does meteor's mail package no longer work?

I tried to use the mail package but failed.
In the end, I solved it with the mailgun API method.
However, this will prevent you from using convenient methods such as finding your account password.

I don’t think the mail package is legacy.
why wouldn’t it work?

Do you have an up-to-date example? please help

The Mail package works and always did. It is possible that you may have an issue with your SMTP link or authentication.

Example with AWS SMTP:

In your server env variables:

MAIL_URL: 'smtps://',

Sending email:

    from: 'Address Name <>',
    subject: 'A subject',
    html: <>You HTML email<>,
   // or text: "Your text email"

You can integrate any provider with Meteor package so all the packages will use your own implementation.

Check out this example for Postmarkapp email-postmark/server.js at main · quavedev/email-postmark · GitHub