Does my Meteor application keep a record of what packages were used and auto-install them when project is moved?

I have a Meteor applicaiton that I run on Virtualbox (using Ubunt as the OS). Having built my appliaction on my desktop, and haivng installed lots of Meteor packages in the process, I now want to continue to develop the application on a another computer. So, I thought I would boot up Virtualbox on this machine and get the applicaiton from my GIT repository and hoped that Meteor what recognize somethign within my applicaiton to know what packages to fetch - is this the case, or is there a config file or something that I need to maintain?

When you use meteor add, it will add to .meteor/packages. Running meteor run will check these packages and install any missing ones.

In addition, there’s usually a package.json in 1.3 which will specify any npm dependencies. You install these with npm install.

If I have packages listed in package.json, will Meteor install these automatically?

Nope, gotta do npm install on those. Maybe they will add that

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