Does the meteor development need high config machines?

I use win64 4GB Memory System for development. Meteor 1.6 32 Bit is installed. Whenever the app is built/rebuilt & running it slows down the entire system, browser and eats a lot of memory.

Is there any minimum requirements to install meteor?
Any best practices to make my development faster…?

I have installed few packages with meteor


Personally I would want a system with at least 8gb of ram, a 2nd or 3rd gen I7 or equivalent, and an SSD. The biggest bottleneck is probably going to be disk though so if I had to choose just one of those I would choose an SSD.

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Thank you. That would be an expensive choice for me to invest in my old Windows PC…!!

I have a Mac with 8GB of RAM, i5 processor and SSD, hope this combo will give the best experience in developing my application…!!

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but this guy got some serious skills,

Probably a boost up to my current environment…!!

Before you switch machines, make sure you’ve checked your anti-virus settings.

As I mention in every windows thread:


Dude… Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:
This really saved my time waiting for each builds/run & memory issues.

You saved some pennies too… :wink: