Does the Meteor's Cordova integration supports WebGL?

Note: this might be a Cordova only question

It seems that Cordova has issues with WebGL
Has anyone been able to get WebGL work on iOS / Android from Meteor? It works perfectly in the browser, but not in the Android App build (I have not tested iOS yet)

If it doesn’t work, what do you suggest as other way to get WebGL working for 3D animations?

WebGL support depends on the OS and web view (see this table), Cordova doesn’t change that.

The article you linked to is from the Crosswalk project, which provides an alternative web view based on Chromium on Android. The point made there is that, depending on the Android version, the standard web view may not have support for WebGL, but the replacement Crosswalk web view will. With out Cordova implementation, you can switch to it using meteor add crosswalk.

iOS has had support for WebGL since iOS 8, and the switch to using WKWebView in Meteor 1.3 will provide enhanced performance.

So you may want to give the Meteor 1.3 beta a try for this.

Cool. Yes I’ve just read the post about Meteor 1.3 and I’ll definitively try the beta. Good stuff there! Ok I now get the Crosswalk point. I stupidly thought that Chrome was the browser for web view in Android, similarly to what Safari is in iOS. But apparently it is not. I’ll try to put the pieces together, and share the process id succesful