Does This Have Any Application for Future Versions of Meteor?

I just saw this on Hacker News:


While the article is very interesting, and while the idea of streaming HTML is new relative terms, there have been attempts in the past to bypass the need for a frontend framework. Turbolinks is one that quickly comes to mind.

However, I can’t help but notice that all this is mostly aimed at something with pages … websites. As soon as you get to something requiring rich user interaction not just clicking links and filling up forms, what do you do? Image editing and processing, drawing, real-time dashboards, rendering web maps, charts & graphs; SSR is useless for these, or only marginally useful, like for TTFB, although I would argue code splitting is a more useful approach for interaction-rich web apps.

Maybe I’m missing an important point, but the web, no matter what search engines want us to believe, is made up of more than just paginated websites and online shops.