Does using Npm.depends/require require Node to be installed?

Just a thought. Does Meteor come with an internal Node installation, and if so, does Npm.depends work with that? Or does it require an actual installation on your machine?

Npm works on the server. Just make sure to run it in the server folder or within isServer.

Available under Npm. Example:
var fs = Npm.require(‘fs’);

Yeah, but does Npm.depends rely on the internal Node that comes with Meteor or an outside installation?

I havn’t tested those parts out too much just yet, but perhaps you should look into ?

Still working on understanding the meteor build up myself. I’d assume by default it’s the bundled one but I assume an argument can force meteor to run on a custom node. You can bundle meteor to run it on a node server for production use at least!

Having a similar problem with Npm. I added underscore.string:underscore.string, but I cannot include it with Npm.requires. What’s the deal with that?

Yes, Meteor ships with its own internal Node.js installation.


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