Doesn't Meteor use semantic versioning? If so, why not?

In the Meteor Guide article Migrating to Meteor 1.4, some breaking changes are listed.

In my understanding, introducing breaking changes in version 1.4 implies that Meteor doesn’t use semantic versioning.

Have I understood this correctly? Doesn’t Meteor use semantic versioning?

If Meteor indeed doesn’t use semantic versioning, may I ask why?

I ask because semantic versioning seems to have become a standard way of versioning open source software, and I personally find it very practical.

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Those “breaking changes” haven’t made any incompatible changes to the public API

As described, they are just:

changes you absolutely have to worry about if you are updating your app from 1.3.x to 1.4

Nope, it’s not a “standard way” by a long shot.