Dose audit-argument-checks still working?

I simply add audit-argument-checks package and try to call check()

 ReferenceError: check is not defined

If I don’t call check()

Error: Did not check() all arguments during call to 'testFunc'

How to fix it?

Be sure to add the check package as well if you don’t already have it:

meteor add check

Then both check and Match will be available to your code.

If you’re using imports in your project it’s also good practice to explicitly import check and/or Match to your js file

import { check, Match } from 'meteor/check';

It works, thx~

I thought it should be some dependencies info or guidance in the audit-argument-checks README, which literally is a blank. ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Hit up that edit button on the docs and add a note for dependencies! It’s the little things you notice that make life better for everyone :slight_smile:

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