Downgrade from 1.2 to 1.1


I just upgraded to 1.2 and thought that it would be an easy upgrade but with the breaking down of meteor-platform, it’s slightly more complicated and I need to do it over the weekend instead.

So how can I downgrade easily?


should be

meteor update --release

although I haven’t tried…


That didn’t seem to work but I just reverted my repo back to before I upgraded. Thanks though!


Trying that gives

This project is at the latest release which is compatible with your current package constraints.

Any other ideas? I guess reverting the package structure too…


I did this - disclaimer, I have no idea what havoc this has done to my app:

Inside the .meteor folder,

  • delete the local folder
  • delete the new packages added by Meteor 1.2 from your packages file (they should be at the bottom)
  • in the release file, change to METEOR@
  • in .finished-upgraders remove the Meteor 1.2 lines (at the bottom).
  • add back the meteor-platform package
  • delete versions file.

This seemed to work for me. One problem I ended up with is I had added ES6 code all over, that I now have to back port. (actually, installing the react package, and renaming those files to jsx seems to fix that up nice).

One more note - this seems to have reset my local database.


That’s because the database is stored within the local/ folder (in local/db/).

Interesting method, though - I’ll have to have a play with that :smile:


Oh right! Duh. :smile:



That didn’t work for me back then for some reason. I’ve since moved everything into the newer version (1.2 at the time, 1.3 now) because it’s tough to be out of sync with the ecosystem. :wink:


For me using meteor update --release did not work. I did the following to downgrade my meteor project. Hope it helps…

  1. create a meteor project with an old version: meteor create <projectName> --release
  2. copy the following files from the “old” meteor app to your app on the newer meteor version:
    .finished-upgrades, packages, versions, release
    If you have added packages to your project, get sure you also have them available in the packages file. If not, your app will not start. Also you may need to change the version of single packages if you added them with a @ version tag and if they are not compatible with the older meteor version.
  3. Run “meteor” to start your app
    if it is not starting, stop the process and delete the local folder
    run “meteor” again, the app should start and the local folder should be created on the meteor start up-process