Download Failure - Error parsing asset manifest

On Android, it was all working properly with cordova.

Suddenly these errors started and what is strange is that the app installs but I cannot find it in the app drawer.

I20160404-08:24:00.873(5.5)? W/MeteorWebApp(28384): Download failure
I20160404-08:24:00.876(5.5)? W/MeteorWebApp(28384): com.meteor.webapp.WebAppException: Error parsing asset manifest

Pls help. I have been racking my brains for 12 hours now.


Hi @raskal,

I got same error. My app works fine before on Meteor 1.2.1 but now after update to Meteor 1.3.1 I got this error. My app freeze on launch screen and show this error on console.

Hi Cyclops

I managed to fix it by deleting the meteor local directory. :smiley: