Download PDF in the Meteor(react) iOS mobile App

I have a weird problem with my Meteor(react) iOS mobile App. The problem is that I have to download PDF document in my app through button provided by react-html-table-to-excel npm package and when I click the button, it shows me the PDF document with no back link.

My piece of code,

import ReactHTMLTableToExcel from 'react-html-table-to-excel';

<ReactHTMLTableToExcel id="abc" className="fa fa-download btn 
report-list-downloadXLXS" table="listOfUsersDwnld" 
filename="listOfUsersDwnld" sheet="tablexls" buttonText=""/>

<table id="listOfUsersDwnld" className="table">

Hence, when I open the PDF document in my app through a button, it takes me to a dead end and there is no way I can go back to the main page of my app. Also added npm cordova “cordova-plugin-file” package. But still no breakthrough.

It is working in browzer but not in ios-application. Earlier it was not even opening pdf but then I added allow navigation rule and since then it is opening but unable to download.

My question is that how can allow downloadable pdf file in iOS? Any internal element for the iOS may be?

Thanks in advance.