"download the missing package" every compilation


Hello !

Each time I save my work, the compilator takes time to “download the missing package”.

Is this normal or something get wrong in my configs ?




I didn’t totaly solved my issue, but I did find a way to work with a non-anonying compilation time :

All my REACT composants / files (except App.js) are now in the “client” folder. I hope it’s not a future issue for me ^^

I wonder now if I should remove a maximum of code in my “App.js”, and create a “new top-level component”, called immediatly by App.js, and situated in this “client” folder.

I will give a try …
But I really still wonder why i’m downloadin packages each time. Maybe should I look in the package.json.lock ?

Thks all,
Sorry for my rough English :frowning: