Downloading packages very slow / CDN Problems

I had a lot of problems recently installing packages, in particular after I re-installed meteor (in Switzerland). Other people seems to have the same problem:

It’s currently not easy to find a reliable solution. Overriding METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE with something like
export METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE= sometimes help, sometimes not.

It’s currently a really bad situation and I would love to get a) a statement from mdg about what’s going on, b) gather solutions for people that have these problems.

I think a thread here is better than opening another github issue about the topic.

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Yep, same problem in Germany. Download was slow and I got an error after extracting Meteor tool (os.json not found). I had to override the host file with a modified CDN ip.

@macrozone Are you on UPC Cablecom? We had this problem yesterday with our Unitymedia account.

Try adding following line in your host file:

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@XTA: nope, fiber7 here at impact hub. I have upc cablecom at home, but actually did not work at home these days, so i am not sure about the state on upc.