Downtime tracking of a Meteor app


Does anyone know a good pinger or something for Meteor? We’ve been using Pingdom tools but we seem to get way too many false positives. It seems their Phantom machines are just too unreliable about loading Meteor apps consistently or something. I’ll get 30+ downtime alerts per day and every time I get one, I’ll check my site and find it working fine.

Can anyone recommend a better way to track and measure downtime for a Meteor app? We are hosting on Galaxy, and I’d love to be able to compare downtime with other options like Modulus, but presently I’ve never been able to find a good way to do that.



I’ve been using NodePing for non-Meteor stuff, it seems to work pretty well. I get the occasional false positive, but it’s pretty rare. The interface is kinda blah, IMO. I’d be curious to see what others recommend.


Try using Uptime Robot as well.


We use Pingdom to monitor Meteor apps and it’s worked out pretty well. What does Pingdom show as the Root Cause Analysis for your alerts?


Pingdom and Uptime Robot won’t tell you when your database is down, so it appears as though the site is up.


In both these services, you can watch TCP connections. With that, you can monitor DBs.


Another option is StatusCake.