Dr. Mongo - new features and migrated to MeteorJS v1.5

We are proud to announce that we have rewritten the app and updated it to Meteor 1.5
We also added some new features like ‘Blitz search’, multi update, better support for Dates and more…


Whoooaaaa this looks friggin sweet!

What is the advantage over Studio 3T for example, which I don’t have to deploy as an app? I suppose, letting other database admins have access?

Can I do things like: http://mysite.com/dr-mongo/?search=_id:590821308,player_name:bob

And link out to that? I would find that very handy.

Well done! Just a word of warning: MongoClient (now called NoSQLClient) had to change their name as Mongo threatened to sue them. It’s a Medium post somewhere from their website. You may get that call soon too.

thx for the heads-up

Thanks for the warning, we’ll keep an eye on them :slight_smile: How come, Robomongo had no issues so far? Or had they?

Robomongo is now Robo 3T