Drone CI and Testing

Hello all,

So I’ve begun working on a few small projects to learn the basics in anticipation of beginning a larger group project with a small team. In this process I’m not looking to begin testing on CI servers. I’ve seen a lot of talk about Travis CI, but since the project I plan on working on is going to be closed source to begin with Travis CI is out of our price range (poor students! :stuck_out_tongue: ). We also plan on utilizing Docker for deployment and scaling and as such Drone CI seems really intriguing to me, as well as a cheaper self hosted alternative to most options.

Since I’ve begun playing with it I’ve gotten it to do Node, Angular, PHP, and Java tests, but I’m not 100% sure what the best approach to testing Meteor applications would be. My first assumption is to use a fresh Ubuntu image and use the script to install Meteor, as well as run the tests (we plan to use Jasmine). The issue I see with this is the amount of time it might take to download and get everything set up before the tests even begin.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or maybe examples of how you have done it with Drone CI or even other CI servers that may be similar? Any help with this would be appreciated, I will check back in the morning and maybe I have a break through while I’m sleeping.



I documented in continuous integration for meteor with travis. You can try my meteor boilerplate code, I have it working with travis and it also does tests. The one thing I do not have at the moment is coverage info. But will accept PRs to get it working.