Drone CI (or any Docker based testing solution) Docker Testing Image


Hello all,

So I have been loving using Drone CI for a number of different projects I’ve been working on over the last few months and when I turned to working with Meteor I found it hard to get an image that was simple and contained everything I needed to test Meteor applications with, so I’ve made my own and I’m sharing it:

I’m more than open to feedback on things I’m missing or ways to make this better, but as of now it is fairly straight forward containing the following pre-installed packages:

  • Meteor - this will obviously auto update itself, but I will make note in the repo when I rebuild with newer Meteor versions
  • PhantomJS 2.1.1 - this is confirmed to be working with practicalmeteor:mocha-console-runner

Now a few common questions I’ve gotten:
Q: Why would you put Meteor in the container, it’s too big?!
A: Because once you download the container you only need to pull it again if I change it and you want something new.

Q: Can I use this for production?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Read up on the Meteor build process and do it correctly, it will work much much better than trying to run it via this image.

Q: Can I use this as my dev environment?
A: Possibly? I mean it’s built on Debian Jessie, so it should work OK. You’ll just need to download additional tools unless you want to just use VIM/Nano.

Q: Is there a version without Phantom?
A: Check out the “base” tag, it’s just Meteor.

Q: If you add stuff to the latest build that I don’t need/want, but I want Meteor + Phantom?
A: Check out the “phantomBase” tag, it’s just Meteor.

I will update the build on ALL images when I make changes or I find it no longer works for me, so occasionally (at least monthly) all tags will be rebuilt to get the latest version of Meteor at that time installed into it.

Let me know if anyone has any issues, questions, comments, or concerns!