Dropdown "object" in query multiline result set

IMPOV, a fundamental question in designing a Meteor app:

If I have a dropdown repeated in each line (each template instance) of a result set “line”,
for scalability and not slowing down DOM processing or other side effects (if there are),

  1. What would be the best way to handle a dropdown list that could in itself have many lines
    (it could be from a query result, ex: a city name list, etc.) AND that could be the same list in all instances of the same dropdown element, in each result “line”, (beside the selected value that can be different in for each instance)

Would it be a reactive object that would “load” its specific content only when we trigger it?
Or an HTML option list for each instance?
Or another setup?

  1. If it is simply a template with a mongo cursor, does Meteor generate multiple instances of the same query (multiple queries behind the scene), or multiple display of the same cursor?