Dynamic form, display fields values and collection checks

I am a beginner in meteor and I recently start developping an app with it. I currently have a form that allows me to assign a beneficiary to a voucher. However, I would like to be able to dynamically add several beneficiaries to the same voucher. I use 2 collections for this : a collection of beneficiaries (“beneficiaires”) and a collection of vouchers (“bonsNuitees”). The principle is as follows :

  • fill the fields corresponding to a beneficiary,
  • depending on the fields elements, display existing and matching beneficiaries or “new beneficiary” if he doesn’t exist,
  • select the corresponding option (an existing beneficiary or a new beneficiary)
  • press a button to add the option, display it on the page, empty the fields to add a new beneficiary,
  • possibility to remove a beneficiary,
  • once the voucher fields are filled, pressing a button submits the form by adding beneficiarires and the voucher to their own collection
    Example of the “beneficiaries” part of the form :

My current code :
bon-creer.html ->

<template name="bonCreer">
    <div class="container">
            <h1>Ajouter un bon de nuitée(s)</h1>
        <form class="new-bon">
            <label>Nom :</label><input type="text" name="nom" /><br />
            <label>Prenom :</label><input type="text" name="prenom" /><br />
            <label>Né(e) le :</label><input type="date" name="date_naissance" /><br />
            <label>Typologie :</label><input type="text" name="typologie" /><br />
            <label>Nationalite :</label><input type="text" name="nationalite" /><br />
            <label>Statut :</label><input type="text" name="statut" /><br />

            <label>Hôtel :</label><input type="text" name="hotel" ><br />
            <label>Chambres :</label><input type="text" name="chambres" ><br />
            <label>Date de début :</label><input type="date" name="date_debut" ><br />
            <label>Date de fin :</label><input type="date" name="date_fin" ><br />

            <button type="submit" onclick="alert('Création du bon...')">Ajouter</button>

bon-creer.js ->

import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';
import './bon-creer.html';

import {Hotels} from "../../api/hotels.js";
import {Beneficiaires} from "../../api/beneficiaires";
import {BonsNuitees} from "../../api/bons_nuitees";

    beneficiaires () {
        return Beneficiaires.find({});
    hotels () {
        return Hotels.find({});
    bons() {
        return BonsNuitees.find({});

    'submit .new-bon'(event) {


        var beneficiaires = [];
        var nbBeneficiaires = 1;

        ////// Bénéficiaires //////
        var nom = $("input[name='nom']").val();
        var prenom = $("input[name='prenom']").val();
        var date_naissance = $("input[name='date_naissance']").val();
        var typologie = $("input[name='typologie']").val();
        var nationalite = $("input[name='nationalite']").val();
        var statut = $("input[name='statut']").val();

        var beneficiaire = {
            nomB : nom,
            prenomB : prenom,
            date_naissanceB : date_naissance,
            ageB : 0,
            typologieB : typologie,
            nationaliteB : nationalite,
            statutB : statut

        ////// Bon de nuitee(s) //////
        var hotel = $("input[name='hotel']").val();
        var chambres = $("input[name='chambres']").val();
        var date_debut = $("input[name='date_debut']").val();
        var date_fin = $("input[name='date_fin']").val();
        //var prix = $("input[name='prix']").val();

        var bon = {
            beneficiaires : beneficiaires,
            nomH : hotel,
            chambresH : chambres,
            date_debut : date_debut,
            date_fin : date_fin,
            //prix : prix


I also use a table to store the different beneficiaries on a voucher but I can not get the values ({Object object}) when I try to display a voucher. Maybe there is a better way to store beneficiaries ?

Could you help me please ? Even clues are good to take.


Have you tried rendering the properties of the object? maybe this post will help.

Generally speaking, to manage the relationships between entities you either store references of IDs in an array or you store the objects itself, which one to use depends on the use case. But in your code you’re doing both, which is also fine but when update a beneficiary you’ll need to update the collection and the array within the vouchers. If you store references you can perform mongo lookups to join the collections.

Thank you for your help, I can now display elements of the beneficiaries’ array.
Only the “beneficiaries” part of the form remains.